How was your last Vacation?
last holiday I flew from Thailand to Japan, I planned a trip in Tokyo, the first place I thought of and went was Shibuya Intersection. Considered to be one of Tokyo's most iconic landmarks, it has been featured in numerous movies and TV shows. This intersection is right in front of Shibuya Station in the bustling Shibuya area. It is a large pedestrian crossing where people will have to intersect in a rhythm like the heart of the city. It is a very popular spot for photographing tourists. So you can take full pictures.
Shibuya Intersection, this is it. This area is famous for having a lot of restaurants. fun night out and lots of shopping both large shopping centers Cheap retail stores and boutiques near the end of October. Shibuya Intersection and the entire Shibuya area will host the biggest fancy street party in town. And the intersection will be closed to pedestrian traffic in the evening for several consecutive days before Halloween. And I will come back to travel again, Tokyo.


9 days ago
Not bad, Honly!