Apr. 27, 2021
I'm so fucked up!

I miss him so much that I cried out but quietly and all alone.

I know he is a good, kind and nice friend. And he has been just like that for all the past years. But I can't help starting to have some feelings to him. 

He's been my friends for so long since we were young. We were just not that close back then.

I had to stop from crying before continuing writing this entry about him.

Why we hadn't been this close when we were younger?
The way he sang the songs out loud along with me.. 
the way he touched my skin.. his warm arms wrapping around me..
and every joke he said.. I love it all. 

I want you to be mine.

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2021 Life
life in the following pandemic year with anxiety and there's more to experience
I read, I write and I take photos