Apr. 4, 2021
So it wasn't a wasted night that I was thinking too much about that one friend.

Because we did hug and had kisses last night.

It's such romantic moment that I thought I wouldn't get to have this kind of feeling again. He also makes me feel needed and safe.

We laughed a lot and he made me feel so happy and light-headed with his fun character and jokes he said.

I think I am falling for him.
He was kind of drunk and tipsy when he said, 'if that old man didn't hit on you, I'll hit on you, OK?' 

He convinced me that he was so drunk and slipped the proposal out unintentionally. I told him later that he said that and he got real embarrassed because he was unconscious and very, very drunk. Then he kept talking, 'I don't know what you would think about it. You were so calm and acted so cool.'

Well, boy, I was thinking like that, too. I thought you were so out of my league. You are too cool, too handsome, too sweet and too gentle. I never thought that you have had some feeling for me.

Your touch is so gentle,

much apart from being such a huge guy with big strong hands.

I love the way you put your hands around me. I love how soft you touch my bruises and scars. Your massage skill is so awesome, too!

I love how you played with my hair and sniffed its scent and then you told me to keep growing it, just not cutting it.

I love how sweet our lips touch each other and we kept kissing like we need the kisses as same as we need to breathe the air. Your kisses showed me how much you want me and you kissed me almost every inch of my skin.

You know how sensitive I am and where I can get tickling.

I really love that we coincidentally have been listening to the same preference of music and songs. You've even got so much broader music library than me.

It is really amazed to find out someone really close is the possibly compatible with you. 
He can be the one that I've been waiting for.  
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