Mar. 31, 2021
I just can't stop thinking of someone.

We've been friends since we were young in school. Not that we're so close but it's long time enough to proof that we can be there for each other when either of us need mental healing. We always get to meet up when I got so desperate and very deep sorrow.

I was so surprised by the texts in the evening of the mid-week.
Let's go to the sea, shall we?,

he said. And following with a little of his sad mood but he brushed it off and our conversation became lighter by talking about me.

I was glad that he reached out to me and I got to share a bit of my recent routine. Then I asked him when we could leave the town. He told me that this Friday would do. So I booked the hotel which we're lucky to get a room for 2 nights during the peak season and it's just a few days to arrive.

We both love cats.
When he asked me what I was doing, I was watching a Netflix series and I also had some talks with my cat. I told him so. 

Then he said, 'that's lovely.' It's kind of grabbing my attention and even more when he said he really wanted to see me earlier than this Friday.

He's been so sweet and gentle as long as I remember.

Our meeting up generally is every 2-3 years. It sounds too distance but we also have kept in touch via texting. So there has never been too far and we are cherish our friendship as always.

However, when I got to bed tonight, my thoughts became wild. I kept thinking of every little detail of the words he wrote. Like, his offering to drive for the coming up trip, the way he said nice things to me and he repeated the word 'lovely' so often. 

Was he flirting with me?
I asked myself that question over and over again in my mind. I guess only time will tell as it's only couple days to go.
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