The grate day with the grate story
In 2016, I had studied at Phatthalung School . I was taking to a high school I decided to study science. It was a difficult decision to choose to study what I like. I did’t know myself what I liked and wanted to study. After that, I went to the camps at various universities to find what I liked. I found that I had to choose what I was good at . In order to be able to go into the university that I like and my favorite subjects of study.  I wanted to be an architect . But my parents told me that architects are hard  to find work . I was very sad that my parents said that. When I was crying ,my brother came in my room. He told me, "don’t gave up". After that, I thought I had to choose my favorite things and was easy to find a job. I liked science and chemistry and then I intend to take the exam. And diligently studying made me get very hight grades. So I submitted my portfolio to entrance to Walailak University. On that day of the results of the exam, I got it ! I was very happy and proud of myself. It make me know ,nothing is difficult if we intend.
The grate day with the grate story