The Mighty Season (4)
My dear readers, I informed you about gigantic wave turned in to small drops of water raining in my face and the land that I found.
Sadly it wasn't any fantasy island but the mighty hell brought up to the surface of earth.The sun kisses that I felt wasn't the mild touches from mother nature but the hell fire coming for me my readers. In this place there was nothing but dictatorship state which I am so shame to admit that I was some part of it. Ironically I worked for them served them what they want being the lowest level leader but also the slave for those who are higher than me. The dictatorship is vivid but they live with it. They also show the sign of rebellious but they have to obey anyway. 

Fortunately I was given mercy by many of the higher class there. I was polite and sweet they did the same to me. But the closet one wasn't be as sweet as I am sometimes, I don't mind that but the abusive words, shout and curse was use with me and others living there. My dear readers my heart was ripped out of my chest. I couldn't believe that this atmosphere could take place in the place like this. The place that others said "place of opportunity". I was given an opportunity to suffer, wasn't I ? 

The work I was given is quite interesting. I have to admit that I learned from it, experiments I did and also the guidance of my supervisor is like the mercy from haven shinning in to the deepest part of hell, but unfortunately some works I was given to do is so suffer to be done. I don't know what is the limit of my work, neither do my commander. But I have to do it under the contumelious order.

I was given some fantasy life which I don't fancy. But I did have to pretend unless I will be outlanders. I know that something that the commander fancy which I don't is wrong. But have to go along with it. I wish I could leave as soon as possible.

This is the day I left the hell on earth to my home where my phases begin. I am calm and happy.The most satanic season of my life is ended.
This is not real
Old fashion reader