There is no one perfect
       I always keep this quote in my mind. My mom keeps telling me since I was young that we couldn’t do anything to make everyone on earth like the way we decide to do. Even if it's something we think it’s the best thing we could have done, there are still some people who see it in a different way. 
       I call it “aspect” and it made me realize that one situation with different aspects from different people made us become human. Because our brains are so complicated that I couldn’t understand sometimes either. 

The solution of this problem is to stop caring too much about how other people think of you because it won’t make you happier or make anything better. It's just something that pulls us down in the way that it shouldn’t be. 
       I once fell or maybe I should tell that I used to fall many times in the past instead. It hurts and sometimes it deteriorates my motivation as well. So I found nothing left further from those times I was sad because I expected that everyone would like and agree with the things I’ve done but the things turned out to be different from what I thought. 
       So it’s not weird at all to be disappointed with these things and I really understand if you are facing problems like this. Caring for other people is definitely good if it is maintained at a proper level and you don’t expect too much about their thoughts especially the perspective about yourself because you will be overwhelmed with it and it’s hard to get out. 
       One thing that you should keep in mind is that we all have our own aspects, so it isn't wrong if someone doesn’t like your act. Let’s think of it, sometimes you do too! 
       If you find something that they told you and you think that you could change yourself and it will make a better you then DO IT! But if you find out that it’s unworthy to keep those things in your head and what you’ve done doesn’t affect others then… 
        Don’t be afraid of being yourself until you’ve tried being. You don’t have anything to lose because there’s always one person who is proud of who you are...YOU... 

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