An aggressive cloud 🌧 and a little flower 🌷
There is one cloud in the sky who turns herself into an aggressive cloud in every rainy season. She will make rainfall and howling winds that throw the city into chaos . Once the weather changed, the cloud could realize how bad it was in the previous season. She cries out and thinks that it would be better to be alone so that others won’t be in trouble again. Whenever she realizes that she’s going to be aggressive, she will hide herself somewhere in the sky far away from the city so the people who live here never see rainfall again. One day in summer, a little flower tells the cloud that he loves her and wants to live with her forever. The cloud starts to cry out and say “You can’t stay with me forever because I will turn into an aggressive cloud in one day and when that time comes I’m gonna hurt you and you’re gonna hate me.” The flower smiled and answered “We can stay together. You’re not gonna hurt me because I'm a flower who loves water and you can give rainfall for me. The only problem for me is just the howling winds. All I want from you is just a rumble of thunder and a crash of lightning so that I could know that the howling winds are coming. And when I get a signal from you I will turn myself into a big tree so that we could stay together even it is rainy season” :)
Writer, Storytelling
Just want to write before my memory disappear