b l a n k
It's kind of getting colder here in BKK. I become more hibernated and tend to feel not wanting to leave bed. Still I get of the bed around 9 A.M. most of every day. 

My day starts after having the first meal of the day. Yes, you read it correct. Then I would just browse the TV either free or paid channels. This is the routine since I got fired from the job (don't worry, I'm fighting for justice in the court). 

Also I don't feel like going back to 8 to 5 job ever again. Seriously.. I don't like dealing with people. I hate to make a happy face and get along with every sh*t or every one. I am tired of 'multitasking' which isn't real. 

I don't want to solve any problem even it is my own.  

All I want is just stop breathing.  And I have nothing left to be worried. I have to money. I've no one that loves me. Why bother to breath?!

I start to think about cutting my arm to bleed to death. Will that take so much time to die?! Or should I just drive a car into some wall or make it fall from the bridge, then crash and burn it? Which one will make me die fast and more peaceful?!

All I see in future is there is no me, no path and no, just blank space without me.
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