New Unknown?!

When one truth is revealed, then another unknown comes up

How strange life can possibly be. Someone I have almost lost in touch and I have known that there's no way he will be interested in me, he is back.

It's not strange at all when I accepted his dinner invitation. All of sudden I was just throwing my ego and my silly past, then just grabbed the chance. It was a cool dinner that wasn't a date and kind of help me clearing out the stress in my mind.  Lots of fun talks and interesting sharing about tiny bits of our lives, nothing important but that's the key.  Simple stories have their own way to be interesting.

I need to write about this nice former colleague that I used to really, really like him. It was a huge crush back then. Wait, it doesn’t mean that I dislike him now.  

When it comes to some hard time, I never thought that there're some people in my circle help keeping me sane. (I was about to be an explosive time-bomb.)  My close friends are top of the list.  My far away bro' who really helps by letting me share my emotions. Some acquaintance I happen to be their follower of some certain cyber app and so do they be my follower.  

Life in distressed mode can flip right up to delighted mode with just simple words and nice compassion.  I find that these are the most things I have ever wanted in my entire life.  It's not just some stuffs that can be bought with price, it's the heart of sympathy people.

Let’s talk about my ex-crush. He is a charming guy. I think I used to mention about him like this. He is quite a catch if you know what I mean. A dark, tall and handsome guy with awesome character that will take all the interest from girls instantly. He can afford whatever he wants. I mean it. He does and he enjoys his own self. To simply speaking about that, he doesn’t need any woman beside him. You may wonder how I know that. I used to ask whether he got lonely and the answer was no. I think he is still fine to be a lone wolf.

It’s nice to get the attention and kind words from people you love, right? As far as I can remember, he had barely done that to me in the past and I ignored the facts. I was just pouring my generosity and I lost in my own thoughts and ego. I shut him out of my life because I never realized that he will be back generously and compassion about my situation. In fact, he often shares some of his personal life with me. I just never have myself a real thought about that. It’s kind of bringing me back to the moment and see that even a smart person like him also has some problems to deal in life.

Seriously I have no idea why he invited me for a dinner. And I just haven’t had any single thought about that. I was just too bored and exhausted with my week.

The way he shows me that he cares, it makes him more adorable than I felt with him in the past. Don’t get me wrong. There’s no possible to be a rebound. I have my lesson and it’s worth every single minute to grow from that. Perhaps I have done something good in the past that makes him feel cool and that might be the way he would like to pay me back.

Well, that’s it. This is not easy to squeeze some creative ideas into a decent valued thoughtful story during some stressful time like this. After a long day of preparing some legal documentation with my lawyer and the team. My back has got so painful ache, but it’s worth that I skipped the lunch. I got to talk with some former colleagues which are nice friends. Getting to hear them talking and updating about their lives while I got to share my situation with them. It’s like I lifted out some heavy rocks away from my shoulders. I feel good for today and I hope you all have good day, too.

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2020 non-fiction
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