Unknown 13/2020
I miss you, again.

I wish I can just be smooth talking with you like I was.. but I just lose my tongue. 

I also feel like I'm getting pushed away bit by bit. It seems you have your own bubbled space that I can't get through. And it kills me every single day.

I wish I can tell you more about what I feel about you right now.

I know, I'm just a loser who keeps trying to tell myself that he feels the same way as me.

Has he ever had some feelings for me?

That's very hard to tell. I have never asked and he has never told. But it's obvious that he doesn't want any relationship, and this long-distance isn't even in his mind.

However I'm glad to hear from you today. You seem to be more happy since you've been to your mother's home. And the recovery is getting better may have uplifted your mood. 

I'm so happy for you. I wish I can help doing something more than we have been. Though I know I'm just an old classmate, a friend from far away country.

I guess I need to keep my hope high and have some faith in us. That's all I can do.
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2020 Unknown (ended)
It's a new year with new chapters in one's life but when someone in the past has returned. Two people who would like to keep growing their friendships strong. And it's clearly now that there is no 'us' together in the future.
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