Unknown 12/2020
I got fever and I didn't know how to tell others.. So I just posted on the story of some apps.. and one of them was our chat app.

Then I realized that he has paid attention to my posts.. he left a message to me to get better.. I got awaken and saw the text.. we've got a brief conversation which left a great feeling and I need to do some quick notes to remind me how lovely he is.

I wish you can be here..
That's what I told him.. when he said he was having trouble with timezone and he seems to sleep at my homeland time.

I do mean it about wishing him to be in the same country as me.. So I could be with him when I feel weak.. just couple hours of hugs.. and feel the warm hugs from him..

That must be the best remedy.

Photo from unsplash by @kellysikkema
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2020 Unknown (ended)
It's a new year with new chapters in one's life but when someone in the past has returned. Two people who would like to keep growing their friendships strong. And it's clearly now that there is no 'us' together in the future.
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