hi, stranger

sunshine in the rain
light in darkness
sweet dream
happy route

strawberry taste
rainbow in clear sky
pure heart
warm hand

tomorrow wish
everyday hope
music in silence
beautiful lyrics

sunflower, tulips, daisy
warm in winter
long ride together

umbella in rainy day
sweet speech
shine eyes

smile behind the camera
warm blanket
a peace of mine

i found sunshine in the rain

the moon, the sky
i stare at you
with my pretty eyes

how is tomorrow?
the sun will rise
is the sky still beautiful?

hi, stranger
sweet word
soft touch
gentle voice sound

if it's a lie
it's the prettiest lie
that i'm willing to believe
without asking

hi, stranger
we didn't know each other
but i feel you

thank you, stranger
rainclounds are brighter
the rain wasn't that cold

thank you, stranger
i found sunshine in the rain of my own:-)

it never rains forever:-) @__meriin


2 months ago
I love it