i'm so tired
I got to talk to you before you went to sleep today.. can't tell how much I really, really miss you.. 

i'm sick of my life
I'd expressed it on the story.. but who will see.. no one, even you..

I miss you. I wish I could really hug you. I wish you can tell me that I will be alright. Things will be fine.. It just takes times..

I don't know how long I can let time takes to make things fine again.  

it's never been fine at all.
I know, my life is better than many people. I've got roof over my head. I've got bed to sleep on. I've got food so I don't starve. But overall mental state isn't like that. 

I wish I could just get a one way ticket then catch a flight out to the space..  
to anywhere far far away so I can I just be alone and happily die alone.. because no one gives a shit.. 

I hate life.. I have always hated my life since I was very young.  I have had some thoughts about who the heck I am, what I am doing at each moment and what purpose of my life on this earth.

It sounds depressed. Yes, it does. 
I don't want any empathy about this. And nobody can make this better unless I solve it by erasing myself out of every path, every memory.. my existing has to be removed from everywhere and everyone.

I don't know why I sound so crazy and silly like this. But you know, sometimes living with family that doesn't care much about how you feel and get your heart cold and hard.. and the only way to stop being like that is just to break and shatter away.

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