I'm your bunny..
Not that I am so soft, fragile or delicated.. 

It's just I like to text you with the cute little bunny girl stickers.

I want to jump around you and make you smile with happiness.

But it's actually you who make me so happy.

I smile everytime I've got texts that are your selfies, especially when you smile and look straight to me like no game face.. you look like a sweet lovely boy.

We are so similar when it comes to smile.
I told him that I hardly smile (at work, where I was most appeared to the world) until one day a colleague told me to keep smiling. She pointed out that smiling made me look brighter. He said he was told exactly the same.

I almost told him to smile just for me. 
Save your smile only for me, please.  'Cos I don't want to share that lovely smile with anyone at all!

When I told him that one of his smile selfies that he sent to me could get girls go crazy.  He didn't believe me.. Well, you've got no idea that it definitely works with me. 

I want all of your smile for my own.

Lately it seems the bunny stickers become my identity or I use it so often.  You start calling me as 'bunny'.  Like "hi, bunny" or "sweet dream, bunny."

You know, when you start giving a name or nickname for someone or something, it means you have bonded with those undeniably.. It's like you start owning those things, for this case, you are my owner. 

Now that you call me bunny. You seem to have an affection of me unintentionally and I would be very happy if there's some strong affection between us.

However we probably have a connection for long time.. because for the past years of losing in touch, we are back to talk so easily and like just a simple click to be back closer.  You even mentioned once that you would write me more because you didn't want to lose our friendship. 

I don't feel possession by you at all (if that's what it is now), instead I feel comforted.  It seems you care and want me to be yours.  I feel freedom yet I know that there's someone who is my sanctuary. Someone I can place my trust in their hands.

Would you like to be my bunny, too?
So we can make our own herd. That's when you said after I told we're born in the same zodiac.  🤣

Written in this book
2020 Unknown (ended)
It's a new year with new chapters in one's life but when someone in the past has returned. Two people who would like to keep growing their friendships strong. And it's clearly now that there is no 'us' together in the future.
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