dream 1/2020
Still wonder and confuse about my last night dream.

It wasn't about my far-away one but it's kind of a fiction merged with some real people  from reality.

I've been sleeping really late for months and most of the time have been wasted with looking in shopping online websites and scrolling through Instagram.  

I hardly read or write lately.  Either of my diary or organizer/journal of 2020 have been empty.  I mean I feel there's no point to create on the paper or put any appointment when life has limited into 'staying inside'. And travelling far away seems to be out of reach for normal people.  The privilege of flying has become more difficult for us all.  But not to the diplomat or some who can afford for special flights.

Why am I talking about those?  I was thinking about my last night dream which wasn't that good and not that bad..  It seemed to be a good ending dream anyway.  

I mean losing my current car in dream and found it later wasn't that bad, right?  But the feeling of sorrow from the thoughts of losing thing that is mine (it was the same car in reality) seems so much painful that woke me up.  

In the dream, I trusted someone to take care and I let him use my car.  I thought I had knew him for so long time to trust him (in the dream I knew this one as a big brother and he's kind of famous actor - weird, I don't even get acquainted with anyone in reality).  

After he used the car, he had left my car parking with someone I didn't know in the car and the direction when he told me to find the car was very vague.  He didn't feel that it should be his responsible to handle the car and return to me in person.

It was weird and too real.  I hate losing my belonging even thought it's a small thing that its value is very little.

Does this tell me to be more aware about something or someone in my life?  It's been a while that I haven't dreamed like this.  

Perhaps I miss someone so much that I am afraid of losing him because of the long-distance.  

I don't know.. I just don't know.
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