Let your emotions flow...because it’s the only way to let it go...
For me, it was not so easy to express my feelings. I tend to usually repress it especially in my early age. 
I believe that we should actually learn how to express our feelings since we are kids because it’s very important to be in tune with our emotions. Many times, I struggle to find adjectives in English to define my feelings. Thinking back, it’s not because I don’t know the words. It’s just because I didn’t actually know how I feel. I think people who are not good at dealing with emotions might only know that they feel not ok, but it’s quite hard to tell not ok in which way...At some point, I detach myself from emotions...

I also don’t like listening to sad music because it might make me sad. I admitted later that I’m afraid to get hurt by being too involved in any kind of emotions.

Later in life, I have learnt from people around me that it’s ok to show my emotions, express it, or even talk about it.

Growing up, I realize that it’s a good thing that I surround myself with different kinds of people. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and we can always learn a lot from each other. 

devote to...all of my emotional friends ;)
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