Unknown 6/2020
I don't know when I start writing for other eyes. But it has been over 10 years of up and down along the short-story-writing.

Sometimes I get stuck with many, many things : life problems, my own mental issues, works.. but other people have got more life crisis than me.. then the stories just came out like this..

Someone far away has been in torment from his health and lack of support from his work.

I wish I can really hold you and kiss you and say to you that it will be alright.
His voice sounds really sad.. he's living in his homeland but it seems he's very lonely.. I want to reach out through my tiny phone screen and touch his hands, grab his shoulders. So he can lean on me.. then hold and hug each other to make the loneliness and pain go away..

I really love him. He's my first one that I wish all the good to him and I don't expect to get anything return.. (perhaps a real meet-up would be my most wish for) 

It sounds cheesy.. but I do want to make his life better.. 

I almost cried when I was listening to his audio files. 🥺 

His voice that has always soothed me, was very sad.. his emotion was really breaking down and I can't help doing anything to make him feel better.

I feel useless..
I want to meet him..

and I told him that I loved him.

Written in this book
2020 Unknown (ended)
It's a new year with new chapters in one's life but when someone in the past has returned. Two people who would like to keep growing their friendships strong. And it's clearly now that there is no 'us' together in the future.
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