I'm glad that it's you
You, whom I can be the most of myself with..
Exposing the side of myself that no one knows.. (even myself has no clue about it)
and we have the same thoughts in some ways..

I'm glad that I can help talking to you and make you forget about the pain.. and make you laugh.. So do you. You help me stay away from stress stuffs that I should let it go for my own good.

You need to let go of those stress thoughts during this time.That was you said to me - not in this exactly but it's around that.. because I share him briefly about my life right now and what I have been and what I will have to go through..

I think I have told you that you are someone I really care.. 
You are someone I'm waiting for and I'll continue to wait for the right time that we will meet. We both have hope to see each other in person. 

Your smile makes me happy.. 
I can't tell how much I am so happy when you smile to me.. and tell me that you know how I feel at that moment.. I even surprise myself. But I am sure that you know, I am grateful for your existance, for your kindness and care. I appreciate time we share together though we are very far apart. 

We are on vdo call today.
Your lips and eyes which look at me.. they all smile to me like it's just for me.. I don't want to share this smile with anyone. 

Please save this lovely smiley face just for me. I'm saving my best for you, too.

even I close my eyes, your happy smiley face is still crips clear like you are right in front of me..
I don't know what we have shared. 
But I am so glad that it is you whom is on my mind always..

Written in this book
2020 Unknown (ended)
It's a new year with new chapters in one's life but when someone in the past has returned. Two people who would like to keep growing their friendships strong. And it's clearly now that there is no 'us' together in the future.
reader, casually writer & amateur photographer