If you are the book so, I would like to be a book lover.





       Every book has it own story .Some of them are boring. Some of them are funny and some of them are interesting. All of the stories are up to the writers that what they gonna shows up on their books. 

     So, I pick up one book and started write the story of us. 

     First page, I would like to introduce you, mine love. Your name started with C and end up with N but I know you as JUSTIN.
Your height is 185cm. and weight around 70+kg. You always promote yourself as handsome guy. It’s actually fun to know you and chat with you. 
I never think that I would fall in love with the guy who is always telling how prides he is. It seem to be stupid but believe me, that makes him charming.

     Next, I would like to tell how cute you are. Since I have known you, every day it actually has something new all the times. 
You are good at making me feel surprise and even more at making me falling in love with the stupid person like you. The reason why you are popular is your kindness and yes, when that appears on you, no one will not falling into you. It cute to see when u call yourselves daddy while I called you
Papa and it even more cute when you said let hug. It was as warm as the wind that blew away sadness. You know it well, your hug is the best. 

       Third pages, I’m gonna write the story of us. It's a shame If I going to tell you that I liked you since the day we knew each other. 

        I knew it too fast to feel. I really thought it was an obsession, and I always tell myself like that. 

        When ever we got time to chat I have to pretend like just a friend cuz I knew you feel with me not more than friend. 

        Most of time when I’m trying to move on from you. But you slowly come to me. Giving me a hope and disappeared. And I’m a fool that still hopping one day, we would get in relations.
      April passed, I’m still waiting for you.
There are many people come and ask me for a relationship with them. Now I started hesitating. Should I wait for you or should I start the new relationship with other guy.
     So, I’m gather the courage to confess your love to you. Because I still hope that you would feel the way like I do. 
I like you too
 You may don’t know it. This sentence still runs in my mind all the time.

4/05/20 We started the relationship.

    It like I’m dreaming and still dream. Who will know that I’m actually dating with my crush. Lol, I’m too shy to say it out.

     However, it is just the starting of the love story. 

     Till now I’m not promise that how it gonna end up with happiness just as the Disney princess but I promise that I’ll make a good ending for the story of us.

      With the different of time zone, age, and responsibility, we were having less time to chat but never mind I’m ok with it.

     Even though I said it like that, I’m actually try hard to understand you.

    You said to trust in you. Yes, I always do.

    You said to wait for you. Yes, I do.

    It look crazy to falling in love with the guy who u use to chat with him just 10-30mins /day and wake up at 2am. to chat with him for 1hrs. or maybe not even 1hrs.

     I know you tried hard for your college class. And I know you are well at music instruments too. You study many things unlike me (hahaha). But sometime that made me afraid that I might disturb you.

     Darling, you are good at making me surprise. What I thought that you would not care, you do care it. The simple thing that you don’t need to mind, you did it all.
     But unfortunately we have little time to talk. I try to make every moment of our time valuable. Make it special And make it memorable. At least, maybe the episodes are short but i hope it gives us a good time with each other and make our story goes on and on..

Every story has an end

     I never thought that our story is going to be end soon. And when that time come..
I may have to say goodbye. It's not all your fault that makes our story to end. Maybe it's me that can't wait for you or maybe I'm tired of waiting without a point.

     It hard to pretend that I’m fine when my heart is hurting so badly and I’m not going to blame you.

     My sunshine, you are the best. It's sad that I saw a long, thin lines that may cause us both to break up. Because my heart Probably can't handle the suffering that is already there. What I need the most is you when I have a problem. But you are not at the time I need the most. 

     You left me 4 hrs, don’t worry I’m fine.
     You left me 7 hrs, don’t worry I can do.
     You left me 1 day, never mind it’s ok.
     You left me 2 days, i can wait.
     But if any day you turn around and don't see me. I’m sorry for that.

    Finally, last page. It's a pity That our story does not seem to go on anymore. the love story is now ending, no more next episode. 

     Sometimes we may not hold enough hands. so it gives us to have too much distance Or sometimes we hold hands to tight,we overlook the important things that shouldn’t forget. 

     I know it too fast to say goodbye but I can’t take it anymore. I have done my best to be your lover and gave you all my love. And now it time for me to take rest and take care of myself.
     Therefore, please forgive me if what I did is selfish for us. But believe me it is the best way for both of us. You need to go on your way, growing up more and more and so on. Leave me at back side and don’t look back to me. the travels of us reaches an end now. I hope that you will keep this journey stay in your memories as long as it can. Walk away with no sorrow and never blame your self. we may be meet at the wrong time but don’t worry I’m still with you all time. just call out my name then you’ll see me. 

If you are a book. You’re my favorite story

But every story has an end.

My tears fallen into the book before I would close it up. This is an answer of my question. I may need some time to be fine.

So, thank you for being a part of my 16 year old memories. My Ironman.




Written in this book