My playlists
1.Lo Que Siento ของ Cuco 

"Can't look forward to my future if it ain't including you"
2.Pretty girl ของ Clairo
"I'm alone now but it's better for me. I don't need all your negative"
3.Mystery of love ของ Sufjan Stevens
"Boundless by the time I cried"
4.Fool ของ Cavetown
"I was such a fool to keep on chasing after nothing great"
5.Talk to me ของ Cavetown
"Even if you run away you still see them in your dreams"
6.We fell in love in october ของ Girl in red
"We fell in love in october that's why I love fall"
7.Fly me to the moon ของ Frank Sinatra
"Fill my heart with song and let me sing forever more"
8.In my head ของ Bedroom
"I feel alone all of the time"
10.Remember me ของ UMI
"Hope that you found someone new"
11.Coffee breath ของ Sofia Mills 
"You've got those big blue eyes drive me crazy make me fantasize about you baby"
12.Death bed ของ Powfu
"Happy you were mine it sucks that it's all ending"
13.A different age ของ Current Joys
"You don't know me cause I'm from a different age"
14.Suicide ของ Isaac Dunbar
"My skin is very young but my heart is very old"
15.Hello, Anxiety ของ Phum Viphurit
"What will it take to be happy?"

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