Pandemic COVID-19
I don't know how to start telling you all about this. But most of all, I just can't sit back and relax in my own comfy corner like a general introvert at my home while the world has been going extremely chaos and crazy about the spreading of latest virus name "COVID-19".

We are overwhelmed by the media; news and information.
People are totally lost in the ocean of the social media in many platforms. Some of main channels in Thailand are Facebook, Line and Twitter. I don't blame them all but it's just 'we' have to be conscious while taking in that information. Staying calm and be prepared is the best way to survive unless you will get maniac and gone crazy with the massive people and all the data.

Stress can strike you mentally right before you can catch the virus and get sick physically.
Trust me. That saying is more and more than true.

For people who need to commute to work daily.. there has been saying that you need to avoid crowded as much as possible, wearing masks at most of the time you are among the crowd, avoid touch anything in public, use alcohol or wash your hands as often as you can and do not touching your face at all cost.  But does that enough to help you not catching the virus?! 

Seriously, NO!
Yes, it is a big 'no' for me. 
Because how we can possibly know who is infected or who doesn't or who is just a carrier of the virus?! There is not clearly sign on anybody's forehead if they're the patients or not!!! And honestly, if you have got the virus, would you really want other people know that you're sick? Unless you're quarantine at home or admitting at the hospitals, which are now getting full of patients.

What we really need to do is stay home, work from home, using teleconference, and stop gathering up at all no matter what. Stop commuting, no more transportation.. this will also stop the spreading!

The economic will be falling down, damn right. But to be honest, choosing lives over the money is really the first priority to concern right here and right now! Action must be very sharp, and it will execute all the problem and we all need to hang around together. 

Just saying that you could end up like some countries in Europe continent that the government has inadequate medical staffs or supplies to contain the situation and let their citizens taking care of themselves. (Please read this news for more information: "Coronavirus: UK changes course amid death toll fears"

This is just one sample of how the government handles the situation. Many more countries are now closing the borders. There's no people coming in or going out from those countries such as France, Austria and Switzerland. 

Some other European countries are having various protocol to handle situation such as 'Greece' is closing down shops bar supermarkets, chemists and petrol stations and putting all arrivals from abroad into quarantine for 14 days. 'Georgia' banned all foreigners from entering the country. 
(More information from BBC news : "Coronavirus: Germany latest country to close borders"

By the time I wrote this article, my own country is still having problems on the shortage of medical-grade masks for the medical staffs (nurses & doctors), the lack of understanding of how important to stay put at home and not going out spreading/ receiving disease, especially some people who have been traveling from the infected areas and not caring to checking out of they affect with the virus or not when they're back to homeland. (This is really happening now!)

Sh*t!  I have been writing too far and come to more serious stuffs!!
OK it's really late and I need to sleep for tomorrow going out to the public for soem errands. 

Anyway, I've gathered some tiny facts about the virus at the end of this article which may be knowledge for anyone. 

All of information is rewrote from what I have read/researched from internet in just one night. Not so much of details and topics that I can cover. As I said earlier, too much information and all time reading that information is sick. So I just take time, (luckily I am homebased now) I choose when and what media to read then I don't have to be gone crazy with too much of intake information.

Hope you all stay safe and sound! 
Good luck, everyone!
Facts about COVID-19

COVID-19 or Coronavirus disease 2019 stands for 
CO = Corona
VI = virus
D = disease 
19 = year of outbreak began (2019)

The COVID-19 virus is a new virus linked to the same family of viruses as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and some types of common cold.


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