A new (old) friend; 2020 version
I've just got back in touch with a senior college guy (from earlier post, 'Unknown 1/2020') since Monday.

And it has been over 3 years of losing in touch for us both, cos he's starting new chapter of his life as newly parental things. I don't want to get into and waste his time for family.

We used to text a lot!

Back when we were in the college (it's actually the university), he's like a cool boy in a 'popular' top group with all good looking plus brainy people. On the contrary, I was quite an under-radar nerdy with ugly eyeglasses and freshly taken the brace off my teeth.. (Such a recall of myself in a pity-pathetic way.) 

Anyway, I hardly had a moment with him at all. It's like high school thing that there's a popular group and some unpopular people which aren't supposed to meet up. Also he was dating a brainy top girl of the class. I wasn't comparable back then. (Am I now? I am not so sure.)

I guess, there's a thing between us to keep in touch.

Did I mention that he's not typical Thai college boy? (I studied in International Program) He's a Latino boy from Colombia. Yes, the country from South America continent. 

So there's quite a charmed thing of his curly messy-but-good-looking hair and the big oversize white short sleeves shirt he wore and that cute smile face with sparkling eyes.. 

Really.. I couldn't help sneaky looking at him when he happened to walk pass by. (I have never told him that I was so looking up to him.)  And that's how I still remember him from back dated of over 10 years ago!

I think I might have a major problem.

It seems like I have a thing with guys who's already have kids.. I mean they are hot and know how to make a girl feel like a queen. 

And it looks alike some kind of lust.. not a real relationship.. 

What am I looking for?
Those texts weren't made up in the air.  But they are just words and sentences. How could I feel so much about that for only couple days of texting?!

However, I believe that we share some connection. We do have the same thoughts of somehow, we manage to keep in touch even lost some touch for a while. Like some of my very close friends.. time doesn't affect our friendship.. we can just click and connect from the last time we left every time even it's longer than a month or year. And those people are rare to find now. 

Even though we probably seem to be like more of 'friends with benefits'

We get comfortable to share some intimates and our lives for the past.. which is not much now but we can catch up more and more later on.

I don't hope for the best but it's really great to keep some nice people around.. 
Those people who make we feel warm and share positive vibes, they are so much worth to keep them close.

No matter what will turn out. 
Whatever our lives will lead us to?
The decisions that we have to make.
Where will we both be?
Will we get to meet up or get together?
I have no idea at all. 
What I am sure now is we can be good friends for life.

Credit photos:
Unsplash by Kevin Gent @kevinbgent

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