Unknown 1/2020
Is it weird that I am watching a Christmas movie in March? 

I feel lonely..

It's been a while that my life has been lost in routine. I just get up, eat and sleep whenever I want. And it's completely out of control now.  

Yesterday a foreign senior college friend got in touch on text, asking how I was since he watched a series that were in my native language and he had a thoughts of me. (That was really nice of him.) 

Then there's a question,
Are you still single?
Well.. I told him that I was.. I mean I am single, casually.. no commitment..

Then I paused and felt like what da heck I am doing now. 

I felt sick.

Hrrrr... what am I going to do with my life. I'm so lost and really tired and make me just want to stay in bed the whole day, not doing any sh*t for real at the moment. (Well.. if I consider it's a unstoppable long vacation, it's not that bad, right?)

The movie was 'The Holiday Calendar' and the header photo, I just took it from pinterest.

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2020 Unknown
It's a new year with new chapter in life but someone old has returned and it's unknown for now.
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