Cause you and me are like Fireworks :)
What is your shortest duration to kiss someone after meeting him or her? For you and me, I guess it was about 48 hours, in the closed cafe at spring midnight with the warm street light coming from outside.

I still remember the first time I met you. 
You were wearing a pink sweater, which was incredibly suited a 187 tall guy like you.
You were smiling while asking my name.

After half and hour after we met, we exchanged instagram accounts.
After and hour, you asked me out for dinner.
After 6 hours, we were having Kimchi hotpot and Soju.
After 8 hours, we were listening to Bruno Mars's "That's what I like" at the bar.
After 9 hours, we were holding hands.
After 12 hours, we just said goodbye at the lobby.
After 40 hours, we were having chicken with beer.
After 44 hours, we were sitting inside the closed cafe, watching people walking by.
After 45 hours, he kissed me and we said goodbye.

After 6 months, we had no conversations or any contacts.
After 8 months, we chatted a bit and we were about to meet again.

Cold winter has come, the last time I met you it was pretty cold too.After we met again, we immediately hugged.
After that, we had a pork BBQ at the restaurant with Soju.
After that, we were listening to Christmas songs with colorful cocktails at the one fine bar near the best beach of the country.

What's your fantasy? I mean, what's your "romantic" definition?, he asked
"Nothing special, just a warm kiss at a romantic place", I answered.
That was the conversation while we were exchanging our beautiful color cocktails.

After that, we walked down to the beach at the temperature of 3 degree celsius.
After that, nobody said a thing, but carefully listening to the sound of waves.
After that, we just looked at each other.
After that, he got closer and I felt a warm feeling, even though it was so cold.
It this what you've asked for? :) Was I your fantasy?After that, we just repeated it again.

You and I just, sparked like fireworksI used to think that it's hard to get a spark on someone your barely know.
But after I met you, you proved to me that it was possible.

I just know your name and your age, and you know mine as well.
Yet, we know nothing more than that about each other.

All I know, is that it happens when you meet someone who is
"Physically attracting" you.

Personalities, cultures, backgrounds or educations, nothing does matter.
You just feel like being with that person without any excuse.
That's how we were, sparking like fireworks.

Beautiful, colorful, memorable, exciting and stunning, but it doesn’t last long.
We both knew that it wouldn't work out. 
We live in different countries and we didn't expect a serious relationship from each other.

But as for you to know,
You are my brightest and stunning fireworks ever ;)
and also, my fantasy :)

Hope to see you again.
고마워요 :))
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6 months ago
Wow I hope u enjoy with your time 💚
6 months ago
It was like a brightest firework in a life time :) thank you so much ka 😊