My Best Im Jaebeom's Day
Some people learn how to love by growing beside the one they love06 Jan 1994 is so lucky to be your birthday
You're always growing beautifully and never give up 
You're always shine like the sun and soft like the moon
You put all your effort on everthing you did
You read a lot of books
You love to do music 
You love eating
You laugh happily
You're thoughful
You're so sexy and cute in the same time
You are very sincere
You always care about your fan
You like film camera so much

I have no word to explain my feeling
I wanna say Thank you
Thank you for inspire me to read  book
 Thank you for being a smile, even on the day that the whole world turned their backs on me.
Thank you for making me want to be a better person for you
Thank you for writing a lot of beautiful song
Thank you for consoling my heart
Thank you for making me through many bad days
Thank you for making me know what love is
Thank you for making me want to still live in this world
Thank you for growing up so well
Thank you for being born 

If one day, a lot of things had change
I'll never forget how much I love you
I'll never forget how happy I am when I'm loving you
I'll never forget a lot of beautiful moment that we have together

Happy birthday Jaeboem ahhh
wish you all the best
wish all my lucky be yours
wish you're healthy and happy
wish a lot of people know how amezing you ang your music are
I'll always be here, beside you
and always proud of you
You'are Loved
I love you

Young forever
I write to know more myself📝🚪🕯 ขอให้ดวงดาวที่หลงทางทั้งหลายส่องแสงนำทางให้ตนเองจนพบจุดหมาย💫✨💌