Story of the moon and stars
Long time ago...

The world had two moon, The first moon is male named as "Terra" and another one is female called "Lunar"

Terra and Lunar love each other deeply. So, everyday they orbited around the earth once per month together by never far away since they have been in relationship.

Love caused when You loved someone
One day, Lunar saw the sun. She fell in love with him. Because his characteristics were very attractive. The sun shined brightly that what she liked. So, Lunar dicided to orbit away from terra.

Orbited away gradually...

everyday so far...

Until they finally far away unconsciously from each other and couldn't find anymore.
Sometimes love doesn't die, it just changes - iIiketoquote.comLunar, the female moon, was following the sun for very long time. She totally forgot about how long time has passed because of the bright sun.

Immediately, she just know that the sun was shining to every planet in our solar system or other astronomical objects in this galaxy and not only shining to her.

So, She felt sad. She started to find Terra - the male moon. Lunar missed him so much. But how to find?

May be she took a long time for orbiting the sun. During that time Terra tried to find Lunar intensely. But the shine sun were very bright. That made him couldn't see her. 

Also, He tried to orbit away but impossible because this would make the earth effectively and he tried to find her in his sight.

Gradually everyday...

Unfortunately, Terra was desparing. In that moment, he came up with a few hope which he believed 

There will have real love in this world
He suddenly broke down himself into pieces. Every Terra's pieces spread around the earth and spread abroad this Milky way. He hope that he will get some chance to finally find Lunar - the female moon. And he thought that if he couldn't find her, he would be with her every time even though it never been the same.

The stars have been occured

She finally orbited to the same place. Lunar confused that why the earth had so many pieces around it? She just noticed that she found Terra for very long time and everything has changed. 

She suddenly knew that he broke down himself. The guilt happened inside of her mind.

She started crying...
The world had already had one moon
She felt very sad...even she had already found him, Terra too.

They orbited around the earth together again...

Everynight Terra tried to shine as bright as the sun even he wasn't the moon. He just only wanted to protect Lunar. And he would be with her. All the time.

Lunar told him that she didn't want that shining bright as the sun, she just love Terra because it's him. Not other things.

Since they repaired their relationship. The sky filled with the bright of them. Everynight on earth began to have the moon and the stars. It glowing and shining together until now.

If we look up at the sky at night, we will see the moon and stars together.Or
Sometimes if we look up at the sky anytime, we won't see the moon only the stars, may be one day we won't see the stars too. Can be have only the moonThat's what we call "love"
Love will be last forever...
That's it... Even it's not the same

Even it's usually little chance 

However we sometimes doesn't be together.

This is the legendary love story of stars and the moon like our human love story.

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Written by Richmond
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