The Mighty Season (1)
Dear my readers
There is a season Which I has been encounter monthly for 3 years. I will let you readers to guess.
  Towers of paper are flooding your desk

  The libery is as noisy as the bird’s nest
  Your heart is beating out of your chest
  Litters of coffee flowing under your flesh 
  Stay up late hoping to pass this quest
  Don’t waste time study unless you have        
  to work hard on final to avoid an F!!! 

Midterm examination is going to begin in two weeks. I never get used to this period of time event though it keeps coming every term. 

In the perspective of mine this is the time when my emotions lost in the maze,raise to the stars and fell on the hard ground.

You readers might already have much or less experiences about taking an examination. Let me classify my phase of midterm crisis. I use to word “crisis” because it will make reads easily imagine how I see this period of time in my life.

Phase I : Phase of inertia laziness 

This phase begin at around there or two weeks before the midterm crisis. The prductive part of me notes all contents that I have to working. If I could study all of the noted content good consequences will come. But the inertia laziness of me is dramatically high at this point the driving force form our lovely productive part can’t dominate in this phase.

Phase II : Phase of transition 

In this phase I start to put myself in the maze. My dear readers I want you to imagine that you are walking in the maze when the sun raise you could see the exit through some bushes. So you know where to go but just after you take your third step you see some berries so fresh and red waving their shiny skin for you to pic them up and taste them. Why not? You need some freshing up to get through this maze so you go and grap them. It’s like a glimpse of eyes. You relized  that the sun had already gone. You are being so full and tried so you need to wait until the sun raise again. This situation come back and forth for about one week. The inertia laziness is losing its domination to Productive force but it’s still a civil war which wastes lots of 

Phase lll : Phase of savage productivity domination
After all the non-academic activities I have done in previous phases I have lesser and limited times to study. The miracle must be created in a night.The word “one night miracle” is quite the viral around me. But I am not the person who let the miracle occur poorly in one bloody night. This phase take place on the last week before midterm examination. Every single minute must be devoted for studying. Laziness is locked for a while. The productivity force of me is the saver in this might bloody war but at the end of the season me myself prefer the lazy me.

Do you know why I love the crazy me more than the productive me ?
It’s gonna be my next episode ;)

Hoping that you will be reading my next episode 

Positive energy to you all

Written in this book
Old fashion reader