My reflection
The reflection  in the pastel case mirror is the 20 years old getting ready for the afternoon class. 
I see myself through the mirror for years. The fact is I never change, I am always be ambitious, drama queen, charmer and also loser. I made a decision to delete all my previous story and write the new one. I don’t have much time to write as I used to. But I adjust things for conservative amount of time. I was working on a novel but I fail. I was working to become the best again but I also fial
Honestly I have no more intention to be the top one again because of my chronical failures.
I will keep writing here for two reasons

First one for myself to release my thoughts that will make me drown someday
Second to share it to anyone who want to read. My story might make you realise something in your life

Written in this book
Old fashion reader