No title 14/2019
The end of the year is coming very soon. 

It's reaching out to grab the last day of 2019 without hesitated..

I'm feeling tired and need to get away somewhere.. alone..

'cos that has always been.. just like that..
I'm always a type of almost easy-going.. but actually I am a very picky.. 

How can I carry on?!

Life is really a messed up.. f**ked up... 

This is an untitle that I really just babble around and complain about my disappointment in life.. 


like i'm always a back-up plan..

I am hardly being  a reason for anyone.. to care and think of.. 

I know that I'm not pretty.. 

I'm having low pitch voice, not cute sweet voice like other girls... 
I'm such a dumbed ass.. 

I try to keep carrying on life.. like I have always been..
but sometimes there's no reason for me to get up anymore.. 
i'm really tired.. 
everyday is the same old loop.. I'm not either getting any better or life hasn't been any more progress..  

I also love someone that I am not supposed to love.. and I'm ready to leave, anytime.. but that person doesn't want me to leave.. 

so what am I supposed to do?!
Ghosting is really easy.. people do it, eventually.. and everyday.. 

But it's really not nice.. to do like that with people you love.. or ever once cared them.. at least we should have told them why we want to stop seeing each other.. 
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6 months ago