No title 13/2019
Okay.. it's been a while not updating things at all.. for a month or to be exactly, 30 days..  here goes another non-sense writing that I think I should probably write this on my diary instead of sharing it all here.

Life has been fulfilled with things
and I even have less time to re-capture on my diary. (I keep my diary updated almost everyday.)  And routine seems to pass like the sunrise and sunset.

I mean.. I care less on capturing by writing stories which is my habit of keeping the memory.. and this seems strange to me.. Because I love the good old memories. I have like almost 100 notebooks since I was young.. back in school. (That's mean there's a lot of notebook full of my silly puppy story or some emotional express on bad days.
Anyway.. I don't know if I should keep some of routine like this.. I know there's no future to do certain things.. still I keep doing it.. somehow I get tired.. and sometime I get bored.. 
Hrrr.. maybe I should get back to myself.. take a break, drop out something so I can feel light and free like I used to be.. 

That may be something I should have done for the first time I slightly have this instinct. 

In the end, we are all selfish.

Then why should I care others when it's all me who get nervous, anxious and exhausted.. it's me all along and alone. 

Why am I doing this?
Hurting myself is something I am so good at.. Getting stress out is like my habit and I'm in mid 30s..  I still can't let go of some sudden anger that my heart pounding so hard like it will get heart attacked.
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7 months ago
Your heart is a compass. If you get lost then open it... from the book's name Into the magic shop :)
7 months ago
Thank you as always.. your comment is really good thoughts