No one cares what you like!
I have many friends on Facebook. Okay, not that much but there are some friends in my real life that I thought maybe someone might care what I've said or done but actually it's not.

Yesterday I told about the band that I just discovered a few days ago and I really love them. their music is so good. their style or genre of music is just what I totally looking for. I posted it on how I like them and really want to support them for the first time in my whole life that I want to buy a band album because I don't want they quite doing their music, I still want to listen to their music in the future.

So what I am gonna say is there's no friend talk to me about this stuff, about what I love, not even liked my post and that makes me realized that no one actually cares about me. They just react stupid posts like a random game on Facebook or a photo of you, that's it.

P.s. the band that I mentioned above is Inner Wave :) 
If you interest to listen to their music just try on "Rose", "Feel better", "Lullaby", "2031" these are my favorites :D
My name is ha.... (I don't want to tell you), nice to meet you all. I am a developer, just an officer in a small company and also I am a logo designer freelancer. It's not the same job but I can do both well :)