If you love them.. you have to let them go...
This song probably the best background song for this story.. but it must be reversed from let her go to let him go..


Have you ever felt like you really love someone that you actually have to let them go?

Yes.. I do..
Like .. I am not supposed to love them at  first.. but I can't stop my heart from having this good feeling.. 

And then I cry alone..
Telling myself that I can not do anything.. I can't make him choose between his life and me.. 

He always says that I have to look forward.. 'cos I am having much more future to walk.. and he may not be able to walk with me until that time.. 

But I want to grow old with you.. cos I'm an old soul..
why wouldn't I be born earlier?
I just want to be with him.. every day and night.. in any good or bad time.. 

but it's just a dream.. such a great dream that I don't want to wake up and face the reality.. 
The reality is.. he can't be with me..
And I miss you.. so much.. that I can't keep you with me.. 

because love is freedom

Let them be free is the best pure love. And I know.. I have to finally let you go.. because I love you so much.. too much to be selfish.. 
even it hurts so bad.. 
even I could have drown, 
I will let you go..

I promise that I will let you go..
It's just not now..

photo from unsplash by @amyjoyhumphries

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