hmm.. what should I write for this time...

I just feel like I have come to something for critical thinking about what I really want to do and where I really want to be in my whole life.  And it's all about myself and I just don't want to give a darn care about anyone.  
Life is all mine..
I have been listening the thoughts and talks from people around me so much and sometimes it's just too much for my whole life to take in. 

Some of such sayings are good yet many of them are not.. 

It's like, you somehow have been drinking some energy vitamin drinks for entire life. Even its ingredient is good but also includes with chemicals and flavored with synthetic fake tastes.

no one understands me..
I still feel like this especially my own family.. 

Sometimes I'd rather think that I am not belonging with anywhere..  

I am all depressed.. and I hate myself every time I feel shitty just like this.


photo by Ian Espinosa on Unslpash.com (@greystorm)
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8 months ago
😣...I don't know what and how I can help you better, but I love this song and I would like to share you. Song... Let it be... "When the night is cloudy. There is still a light that shines on me. Shine until tomorrow. Let it be..."
8 months ago
Oh... that's so nice of you.. sometimes I get this bad day with dark cloud all over me.. it shall pass, I know.. but i need to let it out in some way..
and I am truly thankful for your generous comment as always.. Thank you.
I'm much feeling better now. Hope your days are shining bright, too. 😇