No title 11/2019
How do you know that it's a 'real' thing?

Well.. what should I start?!

I feel like I'm dating with someone who I have known for so long.. but we just make a move recently.. 

It doesn't take us so long.. to see the progress for each date.. to get to know each other.. because we've been keeping in touch everyday.. 

I'm pretty sure he is also glad to find me.
I can't explain why we have same feeling and various tastes in common.. like we have been friends for long, long time ago..

It is some kind of friendship.. love.. care.. and I prefer to call it as we are 'soulmate' because it's not only a word for couples.. but also including love between friends, family, brother-sister.. or else.. And I think we prefer to keep ours in else category..

The journey is a long way..
I hope we keep being like this.. being positive, sharing good vibes and caring each other's lives for the most happiness. 

All I am wishing for is... he is happy just like he has always been.. and be my happy man.

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9 months ago
love this word.. Soulmate, so touched!
9 months ago
Yes.. soulmate is the best definition for us. And thank you.. for stopping by and leaving comment every time. ^__^
9 months ago
I love your story, your style of writing, and your emotions... so much related to me. Look forward to seeing your story na krub... Thank you for sharing your story and also emotions na krub :)
9 months ago
🤓 definitely keep writing.. thanks again ka