Babyoild | How to ATTRACT boys looking at YOU
I still believe that ... Every woman wants to be beautiful. Because even I want to be beautiful but the face is not favorable and suitable for you (Look at your own side).
Honestly, some people are not pretty. As the saying that 
Beauty Inside
But before reaching the inside, we were assessed from the outside first. Therefore, look good as you can.

All women are charming and have hidden beauty in themselves. Depends on how you want it to be used for your own best. Therefore it is very important that every girl must attract their own strengths so that girls becoming self-confident and good looking perfectly.

According to above that, the first interest that others seeing you is from the appearance and dress well and suitable. Many men say all of this makes girls look good and charming in their eyes.

AttractiveObviously that Beauty from the outside is the first thing most people experience. This is why we should take care of ourselves regularly.

 My blog will help you to be beautiful both inside and outside. I am going to share how to be look good by my own way. You can adapt my solution becoming your own.

(Khwanhathai Intaphuang)


Beauty Blogger
3rd Student Journalism and Mass Communication Thammasat University