Sea scented, nice breezing sound and good friends.
Great combination of wonderful day offs.

I looked around from my tent’s entering, saw more than a hundred of tents setting up all over the area. I kept my eyes back, and looked at the view right in front of me instead.

I was standing at the edge of the coast, inhaling the smell of the sea, starring at the ocean blue colour of the waves crashing on the shore, and, yes, I took pictures as many as I could.

There was a hiking spot for a tourist, claimed to have a great mark of a sunset scenery. As I and my friends were walking there, we had shot many photos and videos and posted them on our social media which took us some time until we could get to the locale, at the peak of the hill.

It was almost 5 pm. We needed to wait around an hour to watch that beautiful sunset. As usual, we played, we talked, we took a lot of pictures, I mean it, we really did take a lot of our pictures with the location. When the sunset was about to come off, we were settling down at our spot, the best seat to see it clearly without any obstacles.

I saw an orange sky right there, contrasted with few boats that were floating along the deep blue sea, added with the round red-orange sun which was, little by little, falling down into the ocean. At the moment, the thought of taking a camera out was seized. I was sunk with the feeling of appreciation. I was fulfilled, emotionally, with the sentiment which was hard to define.

Throughout the trip, after that evening, every little thing was captured through my eyes and feeling. Rarely a camera or a phone. 

Selene S.
—an appreciator
Books, Music and Art appreciator. Also an infp who is very lazy, super lazy, extremely lazy.🤤😴