where is Start ? "No need to know ! "
We can't to know where is Start ? "No need to know ! "

The long chronicle is Start before Archangel,Satan and Humanity is born.
evidence suggests that The Multiverse is older before the star begin and life in body to born.
the question is God is exist ? One man say yes but they can't answer Who are Real God ?
Mostly people who believe a God don't find reason why we believe in god because they don't have anything to believe ,only fake god by human by time and time , by word and word , They believe the god of they is real and nobody find reason to truth.
When i call the someone in Dimension, I feeling a Hope and I know, I live in Wrong world.
When i Know I stay wrong world I know answer about start ? it started out a feeling and turn to battle cry and find the question why we stand in wrong world?
and I turn to see about first time of Humanity and I know because we lost Satan and that's is start of us but not of all thing.
I can't to know Where are God and time begin where? last i back to ask same first question: where is Start ?and back to say again "No need to know!"

I feel when you call me ! when you ask me What is True about us ! late far future ,the sciences is Progressive and I believe that Progress can to answer us about true.but now we can't to answer about true. We lie for live in this bad world. it's far future is hope if we can to out from Dystopian world and now i hope you are doing well over us.
to our future children.
it's changing everyday !
Evolution,Mutation and beginning of new species just like first time of Dinosaurs or Humanity. Nobody Live endlessly.
Of course! the extinction event must happen and one day in our Earth and Our Universe is no more Human!.

we can't escape extinction event!
global warming, World war, New Intelligence species and other !
of all trouble is way take us to extinction event and nobody can stop it.
and last light of me , I don't know what it is and I try never forget the story of I in world of Human until My mind is over!