Me and My Science
Have you ever been curious about PhD candidate's life? I knew that it would not be easy and I already prepared my mind.
But it's a way too tough than I expected.

Out of 365 days, I spend 350 days in university, in my laboratory.
Actually we are asked to come to uni. only Mon. to Fri., from 9.30 to 17.30.
But you know, nobody goes home at 17.30. We always stay up until 8-9pm.

Weekends? Although there is no strict time, but we come anyway.
Even just only 30 mins or 12 hours in lab on weekends, since the semester started, it has been more than 150 days without any day-off already.

Why we work this hard? Because we are dealing with living organisms, "Plants."
We have to arrange our time according to the growth of the plants we use in the experiment. No matter how badly we would like to rest, but the plants are doing their good jobs of growing. Hence, we cannot stop coming to lab.

I have spent my youth doing these things.
So many things I regretted. Like, ..

I spent too long time under the sunlight so I'm aware of having wrinkles.
I used many carcinogenic chemicals so I'm getting a chance of having cancer.
I was too busy going back to Thailand to meet my family.
I could not go travel as I wanted to.
I broke up with my bf, whom understood me the most, because I was too busy.
I don't think I will get married....

But yea.. Among those regrets, I was determined enough to choose this path.
Being a passionate scientist is not easy.
It is like, you are attending a long way marathon.
At first, you think that it should not be that tough, but on the half-way,
it gets very very difficult and you know that it's too late
to resign or go back. You just have to continue walking to your goal.
Your only one goal.

Exactly me.. my last year of phd.

Sometimes I even question myself.
Why am I away from family, choosing work before love, and keep 
doing this alone? 
Why I think I would like to be a researcher?

I totally forgot the reason. 
The only reason might be that, I enjoy finding facts, which I am the first one in the world to get to know it. 

Recently, my life has been very busy that I cannot think of getting busy more.
Going to university before 7am, work until night. 
No time for lunch, or too busy to be hungry.
Coming back home, take a shower and continue brought-home work.

Also for today, I was so tired that I wanted to write something down.
It's too late to go back now.
Let's get the work done.

Finally, I'm not complaining, I just want to cheer myself up.

Good luck tomorrow.
Let's think only about tomorrow.

It's 9pm now.
I shall go to sleep.

- Tired mode -
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You have known why you chose this way.
Ph.D is like mountain hiking or marathon seem like you said. You must used everything that you have to do it. 
It’s long way and not easy. For me, I think I don’t dare to choose this way but you chose. I think you are estimable person. You can do it.
Today is just another day that you are tired, so rest and prepare for tomorrow.
※ My English skill is not good, so sorry. ><
1 year ago
Thank you so much for your kind comment. It really means a lot :) I will try harder tomorrow