| THE | RAIN |

- -
From the sky that looms over them
It arrives like a storm shadow
- -
Against the neon of night
Against the street at the heart
- -
Footfalls closing in
The thrumming dark
- -
The din of strife
They brandish their colored call sign
- -
Deafening downpour
Driven to the ground
Skin burning in the vapor of war
Flesh against concrete
The deluge oppressing
- -
But this footstep will last forever
This voice will last forever
Let this moment be
Echoing against the night
As the phalanx turns against bleeding wound
As command rains like flechette against battered umbrellas
As the hammer of law falls for the unjust
And the eyes of the world stand witness
The rain that is meant to wash away the dust
But this water nurtures the seed
And although the storm that darkens the world tonight
Shall tomorrow remains
But so does this open sky
That will be wide enough for all of us one day
This stifled freedom will bloom
Leaving behind but fading stain
From the hands of those who tried to dye the heart
Of dreamers who dare to see the dawn
And rise
Against the rain

Written in this book
English Stuffs
yup XD
Stranger in the Night
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