No title 10/2019
Well.. I just happen to lose my interest on writing (either on my hand-writing private journal and also here) recently and also reading..  I try to juggle things around (like I have ever written like this before..) in my life and do my best and also stay strong.. 4-5 Instagram accounts, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter -- i know i'm a bit crazy..

Anyway this post will be a little bit brief..  I just have no main idea for this article.. I try to keep it updating like other writers.
I am now able to over someone and sooooo happy about it. Then I've met someone else.. not a new people.. We've known each other for a decade on a photography social networking and we've just got back to keep in touch.. So we seem to get along quick and well.. and we've just met for the first time recently.. 
He's all I ever looked for..
I was very calm to know that we would meet for dinner. I have never been like this before.. He made everything smooth.. He has been very gentleman, fun and sweet guy.  We shared laugh and stories.. just like we have been on texting for almost a month earlier.  But one thing I really, really like the most from the meeting up is the hug that he gave me.. It made me feel warm, safe and special.. I haven't had this safe feeling for very long time. It's like the time had stopped for us at that moment.. He opened up his arms wide and gave me a look that means, 'hey, it's time to say good bye.. but I want to give you a good hug before we leave.' 

even it's just 5 minutes of saying goodbye and giving hugs. It's just so much of meaning.

Well.. and that's it.. my no title post.

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9 months ago
Wowwww... feel likes really great moment from your text.
9 months ago
It's just like a dream.. I am now awaken.. and everything has ended.