I can feel my soul again!

You came into my life and you have brought me out to the light.

You make me smile and I realize
that I haven't smiled with myself like this for so long.

How could you know and keep me smile like that?

I really like you.
Then I'm so scared.. 
that one day I may lose you.

I don't want to imagine my days without you.

I know it's too soon to have this feeling.
But as I am out from the dark cloud.. it's the past and I don't want to mention about it anymore.

Now I can feel my true-self and every part of my soul once again. 
The voice in my head tells me.. that I have found someone to rely on.

Thank you
would have been not enough for what you have done for me..  but that's all I can do.. 

and all my heart.. 
is just for you.

Written in this book
My Emotional Stories
All the emotions, feelings and personal thoughts in English version. Please do comments for my improving.
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