Gratitude Journal - July 26, 2019
I have many issues to be grateful for today, and I hope to inspire myself in the future through this story. The following details are pride and gratitude that blooms in my heart today.

Firstly, I have no friends, but having no friends portrays the capability to be strong. I'm truely proud and grateful for being alone, fighting and surviving. Suffering is the story of growth, and being alone is the story of self-discovery and self-empowering. Those who fly alone have the strongest wings. Those who walk alone have the strongest direction. Those who fight alone have the strongest determination. One day I will completely free myself from whatever pain I have, and inspire myself, or even let inspiration engulf other people's heart. I believe I can be that powerful and inspiring even in the moment of the darkest night. 

Secondly, I feel pride and gratitude for seeing the blue sky, breathing the fresh air, touching the gentle breeze and thinking of how far I allow myself to lead. I often ride a bike, talk to my inner voice, and sometimes discover the lost potiential I deserve. I regularly say to myself that as long as the sky is seen as blue, and the cloud is seen as white, I will never ever surrender. This self-empowering truely amazed me whole-heartedly.

Finally, I'm grateful for having a plenty of time to heal and recover myself as a depressed patient. I've been spending time to think a lot about many deep questions about who I am and how I can get out of the darkness I call "depression". I learn that I don't need anyone to prove that it's worth healing and fighting on this path. I also learn that I discover diamonds in myself and empower myself to live. I believe one day when I completely overcome my depression, I will let hope bloom in other people's heart as well.
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On the Path to Gratitude
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