Practice English with me 1
I had been hearing about how to learn English in many ways. I agree that the best way to learn English is going abroad but it’s hard to go there for someone. I feel so sad for them. Although they don't have a chance, they can do their best! 

Actually, I’m an exchange student in Switzerland. I had learned a lot. Language is very important for everyone’s life.  Before I went to Switzerland, I can’t speak English well. It's so-so. I can survive there but I can't make friends. I remember that I cried almost every day. I thank my host families so much because they always help me  I feel sorry for them and miss them. If I can visit Switzerland again. It will be great! 

Back to the topic...  I just want to practice writing english. If you find my error, you can tell me. :)  I don't know what to write. There are many stories in my life. Maybe it's boring for someone. I would say just let me write it 555555  

Lastly, if you want to learn English, you should do everything in English. The most important thing is 


9 Jul 19

I’m MOMO. I have a BIG EYE. TATO means big eye in thai. NO POTATO...


8 months ago
this is a good story for me.
keep trying!!!
cheer up!