No title 8/2019
I just feel like a kid getting a new favourite toy.. 

You make it timely fashion and don't ignore me anymore.

And things keep getting better when he keeps texting me back and forth.. like he hasn't talked with me for so long.. 
no waiting time.. 
no unanswered or delayed responds..

You know how to handle me now, right?
Even I'm getting scared that I might have fallen in love with you again.

As you have opened your heart to me.. you have shared me your future dream of your bucket list..

Are those the things that people don't normally share with anyone they feel unacquainted?! 
do you really trust me?!

But I know.. 
There is no 'me' in your future path.. and I don't know either I am OK with that idea or I do really want to be a part of your future moment..

I just want to tell you that

I love you.. 

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