Taking a leap
Well.. I actually want to tell you about something from last night but.. today is something more real deal..

I got back to what hurt me.
This time I am in charge of the pace..  at least from now.

I know it sounds silly for choosing to go back and keep in touch with the one and only person who hurt me - Mr. Number 1 over someone who has never hurt me at all - Mr. Number 2 ... 

The thing is ..

Mr. Number 1 is living in the same country with me.. and more chances that we may meet while Mr. Number 2 is living so far away.. across the continent.  I don't see any near future that I would meet Mr. Number 2 though I am dying to see him and so does he.

Honestly I have no idea whether I will ever have a chance to meet them both in person.  From my speculate, I don't lose anything for Mr. Number 1..  Just make sure that he and I don't come across the conflict of interests.  And I can contain myself in my place, not messing up with him like I used to do.

We both work in the same business industry but... we are competitors.
And I have learned not to believe in his vague meal invitations again.. 

Since he is a big gastronome man and I believe that he is an awesome chef, too. (He has ever explained how to cook and it seems to be so easy for him. Surprised, right?)

He used to ask me out for some meal and suggested some cool restaurants during weekend but that has never happened.  

Recently, he did it again.. 
I'm not buying it anymore and I joked him that it seems to be  Déjà vu... 
And it made him realized that he used to say that to me long time ago.  (I'm not a kid that you can fool me over and over.)

Who knows what will happen next and...

I'm taking a leap.. 
I still remember what my best pal told me about leaving and stay away from that Mr. Number 1.

But please wish me luck!

photo by Danielle MacInnes @dsmacinnes 

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