"I can't grow up!"
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Once upon a time, in the world where human beings had not existed yet, there was a land full of nature: trees and animals. In each kind of trees, there was a government system. The head tree governed the other trees, and every tree worked to develop its dominion. There were well-managed dominions, such as Oaks and Pines; middle-class dominions like Jasmine and Coconut, and a lot of uncivilized dominions.

In Jasmine Land, every tree lived happily. Every morning, seeds went to Jasmine Academy to learn how to grow up. Eddie, one of the seeds, was preparing for the first subject of the day which is ‘Introduction to Growing up.’ He set a pile of books and notebooks on his desk. Mrs. Nanny finally came in.

“Hi, my lovely seeds! Today we are going to learn how to grow up to be a perfect tree.” She always said in a high-pitch but boring voice. Eddie was falling asleep, but Katy woke him up.

“In order to grow up, every Jasmine needs good soil, enough moistness, and perfect condition,” and she continued with how to categorize the soil, which soil they should grow up in, how long it took until their roots would be out of the seeds, and bla bla bla. “But students, we Jasmine usually grow up by the pollen! Female and male pollen mixed together will produce new Jasmine! Now, I will hand you some handouts about how we grow up and some exercise for you to do! Tomorrow, you guys will take a test about this for ten marks which will be added to your pre-midterm scores. And don’t forget to prepare the presentation about the factors that affect the seeds when growing up!”

Finally, Eddie woke up from his beautiful dream. “Eddie, you missed the important thing! She taught us a lot!” said Katy.

“That’s okay. I’ll find someone to copy,” replied Eddie with a bored face. “She doesn’t even care if someone copy because I’m the best at copying! No one has ever noticed haha.”

“Oh my gosh! It’s up to you then. I’m going to the Tutortree. I have a Plant-license test preparation course until 8 P.M. Bye!” Katy left quickly.

Life in Jasmine went this way. Every school taught the student how to grow up. One day, the senior seed who had just come back from the trip to Oak Land came. He told these seeds about what he had seen. “It’s a lot different from us! In Oak, Oak seeds learn from their classroom and then the teacher takes them to the field. They do many experiments! Those seeds discuss things together!”

Eddie wondered why seeds in many regions learn differently. And one day, he failed the test.

“Eddie, you don’t even remember a single word about what I taught! You must try to memorize! If you can, you’ll be able to write all the answer! Anyway, because you didn’t pass, please hand me the report about this topic next week. Make it beautiful, please. I have to send seeds’ report to the academy committee. They’re evaluating the teachers.” Then Mrs. Nanny walked out, leaving Eddie wonder again why he had to do such a thing and seeds in Oak did not.

Years passed. Seeds study hard. The head of the Jasmine education changed many times, and that interrupted the project someone had already created. Seeds were always confused about the tests they had to take in order to get the license to plant their root somewhere. It was competitive, as well, to get the license. Therefore, it was common that the seeds came back to the tree house late because they went to the Tutortree after studying at the academy. Katy was very busy at the Tutortree because the test was coming soon, but Eddie spent time at home discovering things himself. Mrs. Nanny became the academy director. She created new projects, which she claimed will improve the seeds’ ability of using modern devices for growing up, but it turned out the seeds had to pay more and more. Jasmine government cared for the seeds less and focused on only how to increase the Jasmine products.

Now, Eddie and Katy grew up and got the license to plant themselves in the soil. Eddie found it hard to do, but in the end he was the grown-up seed ready to be the big tree. Katy was still the same seed.

“I remember how to categorize which is the perfect soil. I know how to prepare the soil to bury my root in, but I can’t do it, Eddie! I’ve leant for years how to grow up perfectly, but I can’t grow up! I CAN’T GROW UP!!!” Many seeds suffered from the same thing as Katy. They can’t grow up, despite their knowledge.

So what happened to the seeds of Jasmine? Oak and Pine seeds were growing up and their lands were developed well, but Jasmine was still the same. Why? Because of what: Jasmine government, Jasmine education, the academy, the teacher, or the seeds themselves?