The haunted hat
I got a hat from an old stuff shop. An old man who is shop owners asks me "What do you know about what you get?" I said "What do you want to say" he answers me "If you know who got before you, you won't need it," I ask him immediately "Why did he bring this hat back." he answers that. "I think it's about the ghost in a hat, hahaha, I'm just kidding boy, you don't worry about that it's just a normal hat." I'm so worried about his laughter because it's very fake laughter. After that, I got out of a shop and waited for a taxi to went home. When I arrived home, I placed a hat on a table at the kitchen after that I got to bed early. In the morning, I got up I went to check a creepy hat but, I didn't see it. Where has it gone? Perhaps, it didn't' exist from the beginning.
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Practice English Series
A Student
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