No title 7/2019
I've been thinking about you all the time!

Whenever I walk passing-by your old desk, the meeting rooms that you used to be in and I used to sit with you, the hallway where we walked passing and/or meeting.. even places you had mentioned..

All the memories of you is haunting me everywhere I go.

I thought I have been over it. 
But heck no..
You are still on my mind.. in the special corner of my heart.. you're always right there where I can't see but I feel your shadow casting all over the places.

We were not even lovers.. 
but why every little details of you imprinting in my mind like tattoos?!

How can I erase you out of my mind?!
I thought being ghosted was worse..  Then trying to ghost someone is the worst thing ever in my life.. yes, ghosting you is really hard..

Because it's not only you who have hurt me.. it's myself who had thought you might be someone that I imagined on my own.. 

You is you. No one can't change you.. except yourself.

But how hard is it going to be to change our mind from something you thought you could do it. Then you just fail as you can't accomplish..

I can't believe that I still write about you over and over again in my private journal. 

Perhaps that's because

I miss you..

and I really want you to know.. so bad..

Header photo by Brandon Holmes

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