Blue Beautiful
Blue Beautiful

I still remember after watching the animation “Inside Out”, I wanted to be “Joy”, one of the main characters with the yellow dress and blue hair that represents the always on happiness. Meanwhile, I was about to graduate from school and having the same hairstyle. The story has led us to understand the complexities of human emotions and how our brains functioning themselves. When Joy tried to push Sadness away, the system could not work completely as some important memories and moments in life required sadness to cherish those timing as well. In my language I prefer to call it Blue Beautiful.

Some parts of our lives, there are between happiness and sadness, there are between good and bad, there are between white and black, there are between coffee and tea. Some parts of our lives are miraculously saved for that particular middle gap for the right filter of the exact sensational layer, Blue Beautiful.

Smile would often represent the dominant nature of beauty and strength. I would say that crying is beautiful, too. It is an artistic skill. The eyelashes are the brushes. The feelings are the colors. The faces are the canvases. The water pouring out from the eyes and soon it will dry and leave the smile in the end. The smile doesn’t mean the physical mouth open wide, the smile is something more, something even greater than the eyes could see, something when your hearts feel relief and the pains were painted out and embraced by people who cares these art pieces. Safe in the embraces, the love of God and the community. This art form is also a survival mode of a person to go on their lives day by day. It is the expression of trillions of feelings and some even said that the tears are 99 percents feelings and 1 percent water. So, that’s why we call it the deeper Blue Beautiful.